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Jordin is looking for ideas on how to approve the existing Dock Lease System.  If you use an LEPOA dock or have leased a dock at another lake please take the survey.  Your insight and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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1)   * Do you currently lease Dock Space at a LEPOA Park?

2)   * If you answered yes, please indicate which park you lease in. This is important because not all suggestions can be applied in all parks. Configurations and shoreline depth greatly influence what can and can't be done

3)   * In your opinion, what changes to how the existing LEPOA program is administered would you like to see addressed to make it easier/better?Specifically what do you think DOESN'T work best in securing or using the spot you lease in your park.

4)   Whether you lease a LEPOA dock, have leased on another lake before or don't lease at all but have an idea for consideration, please use this space to submit additional comments.