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► HALLOWEEN - will follow Onsted and observe Halloween on Sunday October 31st from 6:pm to 7:30.

►  Next LEPOA Board Meeting Monday, November 8th,  7:pm at the Cambridge Township Offices.  All members are encouraged to attend.

                                                 Check out the Labor Day Fun below. 
                                       2021 LOCH ERIN LABOR DAY EVENT GALLERY.



2020/2021 LEPOA Board Members/Committees:
Christian Malcolm, President - Fish and Wildlife
Rod Kurowski, Vice President -Parks
Lee Prettymen, Treasurer
Phil Kittredge, Trustee- Water Quality
Eric Cullum, Trustee- Compliance
Joe Richard, Trustee- Parks

ELECTION OF BOARD OFFICERS ARE HELD ANNUALLY AT THE MAY MEETING.  Additional information will follow in January Persons interested in running for the board should be prepared to sumbit their information by February 14th, 2022 to be included on the May Ballot that goes out in the Spring Newsletter in March.


Dock Lease Program -  If you are interested in securing dock space at one of our Association Parks and are not a current member of our website, email Jordin at locherinproperty@gmail.com.  The 2022 Dock Lease process begins in January and the lease link information and package will be updated and available in December.  Please also see the Dock Lease Survey link to submit your comments and ideas for improvements.

Compliance Program -   The compliance program is in it's 3rd year and has increased the effiicency and consistently regarding how violations are handled providing an important issue resolution tracking system for future board officers to follow.  If you need assistance from the board with a complaint  or violation issue please download & fully complete the
Property Owners Request for Assistance form and email to Eric Cullum at dsgtcullum@yahoo.com.   You may attach any additional information, pictures or video to the form or email however this form MUST accompany your request in order to initiate the investigation process.  Incomplete or Anonymous complaints will not be addressed.   

LEPOA Annual Dues - are $175.00 a year and are accepted beginning January 1st and expected no later than May 1st each year.  Dues not submitted by May 1st are considered in arrears.  Members who fall in arrears are not considered members in good standing and may lose all member benefits and be subject to fines and property liens until their due are paid in full. If your name is on this list your account is in arrears.  Your website account was automatically suspended on June 1st and a Key Card will not be issued to you until your dues are paid in full.

Stickers - 2022 watercraft stickers are no longer required.  Please use your gate card to access the launch.  Sharing your card with non-members will result in your card being de-activated.  VEHICLE stickers are still mandatory if you will be using any of our parks or common areas.  There is a towning policy in place.  If you are ticketed and/or towed this is not an LEPOA issue.  You must contact the towing company direct to retrive your vehicle.  Contact information is provided on the signs in all parks.

LEPOA Private Website - If you are a member who has not joined our private website you may do so by contacting the webmaster at kakanable@aol.com.

Volunteers - Ongoing Help Is Needed for the following projects;

Shoreline Invasive Plantings:  The first plantings to aid the health of our lake have begun.  If you can volunteeer some time to help please contact Jan Hall at Jans.homes@live.com

Ski Course in/out:  Please contact Mike Klein (michaelgklein40021@yahoo.com) if you can help put in or take the ski course this season.

Beautification Committee:  A volunteer group is being considered that would be on-call for various clean up and beautification projects around our community on as as needed basis.  These are one time projects and/or small maintenance of completed projects as the season progresses.  If you have an interest and desire in this area and are willing to be called upon when a project in any park or common area of our community has been approved, please email me at kakanable@aol.com.  For the remainder of this season and the start of next, I am gathering names and contact information that will be passed on to the Beautification Committee Chairman.

Please familiarize yourself with the LEPOA bylaws, park rules and regulations, lake rules and the additional neighborhood rules and restrictions as they may apply to your property. For your convenience, you can find all this information posted here.


. All officers are required to Chair a Committee and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of our community. Community volunteers are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit all our property owners. Please consider offering to assist when you can.