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Many residents have noticed this years weeds and algae have been significantly worse than we've seen in past years. This can be attributed to better water clarity and abnormally high temperatures. We are aware of the issues and are doing our best to treat them successfully and responsibly. We are restricted however by State rules and permit regulations. These regulations limit the amount and the areas that we are allowed to treat. In the case of Lily pads we are allowed to spray only the lily pads that are located in front of a beach area and/or a pathway from your boat to your dock.  The Blue Algae was treated once so far this season and may or may not be treated a second time depending on the effectiveness of the first spray. Although some may continue to see scattered areas of Algae around the lake, these citing's are currently too sparse to warrant the cost of an additional spray or are areas within the 1,000 ft area adjacent to the spillway that we are not allowed to treat under any circumstances. Churning up the water with your boat motor will help dissipate any residual algae in these areas. Lily pads are most effectively kept under control by actually cutting them off near their base, essentially drowning them each season. Residents are allowed to do this. You can expect however that it may take several seasons to reduce the spread along your shoreline. The board appreciates your concern and willingness to help monitor the situation as we move through these final weeks of higher lake use. 


                                         RESIDENT BUSINESS FEATURE:  Did you know....  

Quality Interests, LLC. is truly a Loch Erin "homegrown business" and is currently in it's second season of service to our property owners at the member launch facility in Leprechan Park.

Meet Quality Interests owner, Blake Lewandowski!  If his face looks familiar to you its because he previously worked as a security guard for Pro-tech and Signal 88, for over 6 years before those two companies (which were owned by the same group) moved on to service bigger clients in 2014. Still a college student at the time, and with an interest in starting his own company,  Blake saw an opportunity to continue serving a community he has come to love. With a little help from one of the owners of the former company who felt a twinge of guilt for leaving Loch Erin high and dry, Blake formed his own company and submitted a proposal to the board. He credits the Loch Erin Board for what he terms as a 'leap of faith' for giving him the opportunity and support to see his business become a reality.  Now in his second year of providing the member launch facility attendant services, Blake is happy to say he has a spectacular staff, a beautiful place to work and very much enjoys the Loch Erin members he serves. As the saying goes... "Life is good on the Lake"  

Blake has a regular staff of three that are also very familiar faces to most members.  His most senior employee, Austin, is a student at Spring Arbor University and is studying Science Education.  He's been a lake attendant for 4 years, enjoys playing bass guitar and plays at his church.  He has come to know many of the residents and enjoys learning about the people who live here. He encourages anyone to stop by his favorite picnic table under the shelter building and chat with him anytime.

Tyler has been an attendant for 3 years and is a college student studying Criminal Justice.  He also works at the Cambridge Fire Department and at Iron Free in Onsted. Along with the other attendants Tyler enjoys helping members and is always ready to answer questions about the Lake, Boating Regulations or Park Rules and to provide a lake map to any new members.


Noah is Blake's newest staff member and has been with Quality Interests for 2 years. He has an interest in studying graphic design, enjoys playing the keyboard at his church and is currently also learning to play the guitar. He also appreciates being able to assist residents with questions and enjoys hearing about the people who live here.  



Quality Interests has quickly become a small extension of the LEPOA office.  They accept dues payments, issue stickers, update watercraft registrations and member information. They also help keep our lake private by verifying the membership of each person utilizing our parks and launch facility.  They make routine checks of all parks verifying auto stickers and insure that watercraft placement at our docks are valid,  moored correctly and that the docks themselves are in good repair. They sporadically work a fisherman's shift to ensure that only our members are fishing on the lake.

Quality Interests looks forward to serving the Loch Erin community for many years to come and encourages member comments, suggestions and even 'complaints' .  Says owner Blake Lewandowski.... "My staff and I welcome member input as a means to grow and improve our services to the community." 


LEPOA VOLUNTEERS are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit our property owners.  Please consider offering to assist when you can.  This year in addition to the Goose Round up and Fireworks activities that always require a few extra hands, you will also be seeing improvement projects throughout our parks and entranceway that could be made easier sometimes if the burden is shared.  Below is a list of board and/or committee members that would be happy to hear you say "how can I help"??

Bob Jacobs - Buildings Committee and Fireworks - skier8223@hotmail.com
Tom Kanable - Parks, Entryway - thkanable@aol.com
Terry Michaels - Fish and Wildlife - terrymichaels@hotmail.com
Christian Malcolm - Water Quality - christian.c.malcolm@gmail.com
Kathy Kanable - Website Maintenance - kakanable@aol.com


 From the Office of Jodi Lewandowski                                      

Are You New to Loch Erin?  If you are new, or are looking to purchase a home or property in our community, or are beginning to build a home on property you've previously purchased you should know that your home or property is located within 10 unique neighborhood developments around the lake and therefore governed by two sets of By-laws and building restrictions.  If you know your neighborhood Click here to view both documents and to download the LEPOA Building Form and directions.   If you're not sure which neighborhood a home or property is located in, click here to send an inquiry or call the office at 517-467-4834.

New Property Liens have been filed for 2015.  To view all current LEPOA Properties currently in arrears  click here.


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