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►LEPOA Fall Bass Fishing Classic Open to Loch Erin Residents - Sunday, October 21, 2018.  Blast-off at 8:00 AM, from Leprechaun Park (Loch Erin boat launch)  Weigh-in at 2:00 PM sharp!  $40 Entry Fee per Boat (2 anglers max per boat).  For more information download the flyer.

►Reminder from the LEPOA Board - Golf Carts are prohibited in our community.  This means they are not allowed to be operated on any LEPOA roadway, path, park or common area without exception.

►Hunting Information - The 40 acre woods, owned by Loch Erin Property Owners Association is a NO HUNTING ZONE. It is surrounded by private property. All Loch Erin islands are also NO HUNTING ZONES.  Hunting is allowed on a Loch Erin residents' private property only as a guest of that property owner with the property owner in attendance and must be 450 ft from any residence.  If done correctly, hunting is allowed on the lake from a boat following all LEPOA rules and MI Hunting laws.  All  hunters are required to have a MI hunting license. If you feel any hunter is putting you or your property in danger call the Police.  This is not a Loch Erin issue.  CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

A new survey has been posted.  If you would be interested in participating in an LEPOA sponsored Carp Fishing Tournament, please complete the survey.


A Minute with LEPOA President Tom Kanable ......

At the July 9th regular monthly meeting, the Executive Board voted to fill two vacancies created by the recent resignations of Mike Eberly and  Terry Michaels.  We were fortunate to have four volunteers for the two positions vacated (which to my knowledge has not happened in a very long time), so I'm happy to report that we took advantage of the situation and pulled them all in!  Moving forward, I welcome the new board and committee members to our 2018 Board.

                                       VP Christian Malcolm  (Chairman of Fish/Water Quality
                                                             Treasurer - Lee Prettymen
                                      Bob Jacobs - Trustee   (Chairman of Buildings Committee)
                                        Joe Richard - Trustee   (Chairman of Parks Committee)
                                     Rod Kurowski - Trustee (Co-Chairman of Parks Committee)
                                Phil Kittredge - Trustee  (Co-Chairman Water Quality Committee)

                                                              New Committee Chairman-
                                             Eric Cullum, Chairman of Compliance Administration
                                               Don Deneweth Co-Chairman Buildings Committee

Again a heartfelt WELCOME ABOARD to our new board and committee members.  As our community continues to grow, the timeliness of  your assistance is of great value to our future success. 

I'd also like to recognize each of the volunteers that participated in this years Goose Round up. Over 240 Eggs were gathered in the Egg and Nest Destruction phase of the round up this Spring and 106 birds were collected during the molt, making this one of the most successful round ups in the past 5 years.  Goose droppings do not only contribute to the mess in our yards, they also pollute and contribute to the toxins in our lake.  For this reason the Round up program is advantageous to maintain the health of our water.  Good Job Everyone!!

               We ask all members to REFRAIN FROM FEEDING THESE BIRDS at all times.

Loch Erin is a Private Lake,  patrolled by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Marine Division and the DNR. Violations and dangerous situations should be immediately reported directly to them at 517-263-0524 for the Sheriff or 1-800-292-7800 for the DNR.

Watercraft and Parking Stickers are required on all watercraft on the lake and all vehicles parked in any of our Parks.  The Cambridge Township Police will be increasing their patrols in our community this summer and enforcing our Sticker Program.  At the least, watercraft or vehicles without a sticker will be asked to leave.  At worst, you may be ticketed or towed.  Loch Erin Watercraft stickers should be placed next to your MC#, vehicles stickers on the driver’s side windshield where they can be easily viewed by passing patrols.  Non-members using our facilities should be reported to the Police at 517-467-4737.

Both the new Compliance Chairman Administrator and our Loch Erin Launch Attendants will be increasing their time and attention to recording and resolving violations in and around our lake and Parks.  The Attendants are easily identifiable by their orange vests and can assist any member with dues, stickers, boat safety information or reporting violations to the proper authority. They are mandated by the Board to enforce our Members Only policies without exception. Please treat them with respect. To contact the Compliance Administrator please click here.

All  Requests for Assistance should be reported to the Board using the Property Owners Request for Assistance form. Forms are available from the Launch Attendants or can also be downloaded from the website.  You may attach any additional information to the form however this form MUST accompany your request to the Board.  Incomplete, Anonymous or Missing forms will not be addressed.

A few seasonal reminders:

► Ski Course Hours are:
Weekdays and Saturday from 7 AM until one hour after sunset. Sunday hours are from 9 AM until one hour after sunset.
The speed limit around the lake roadways is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted.
Members with Guests enjoying the use of our lake or community facilities must accompany guests at all times.
Traffic around the entire lake is Counter-clockwise.
NO WAKE is defined by the State of Michigan as the slowest speed possible as to not create a wake.
The No Wake area is defined as 100' from the shoreline around the entire lake whether a sign is posted or not.
Always Maintain a safe distance from swimmers, fishing boats, skiers and tubers.
Dock Lights are to be used for docking only.  They are dangerous to other boaters when used as headlights.
Dogs must be leashed at all times and members are expected to clean up after their animals.
DEQ Permits are required for any shoreline improvements.  Permit Info can be found here.
Hunting is not permitted on any Association Park or Island.
►Report Poachers to the DNR @ 1-800-292-7800 or Andy Monnich @ 517-610-1370.
Report unleased dogs, parking, park or park facility violations to the Cambridge Twsp. Police Dept 
Report Watercraft or Water use violations to the Lenawee County Sheriff  517-263-0524

Bob Jacobs Building Restrictions Committee Chairman....

Hi. I'm Bob Jacobs, your friendly Loch Erin Building Committee Chairman. My Committee is responsible for insuring that our community members are in compliance with all required permits and document restrictions when thinking of building or improving upon a property located within our community.  

The Loch Erin Community was developed in phases over many years.  As a result, there are 10 individual subdivisions that surround our Lake and they all have very specific rules and restrictions to that neighborhood. This is in addition to the Loch Erin General Bylaws, Lake Rules and any Township, County or DNR/DEQ Rules and restrictions.  Whether you are a current property owner, looking to own property or build on property you already own, or a Realtor showing a home or property in our community it is important for you to identify your neighborhood and thoroughly read through these documents before starting your project or purchasing a lot or home.

If you are new to our community, or thinking of purchasing a lot or home in an HOA community, it can be helpful to read and understand  "Six Reasons to Read your HOA documents BEFORE you purchase".  Many of the issues included in this article mimic some of the situations you will encounter in our General Bylaws and Neighborhood Restrictions.

Because our development is split between two townships it is also suggested that you determine which township (Cambridge or Franklin) governs the home or property that you are interested in to insure that the township ordinance/restrictions also meet your goals.

This information is provided for you in an effort to eliminate the "surprises" that sometimes accompany moving into a new area.  Please also visit the 
"Building Restrictions" page for Committee Contact and more detailed information about the process. 

ALGAE UPDATE 5/22/2018

Gary Kohlhepp and Rachel Burns from the DEQ were on hand at the Annual Meeting in May to explain how Algae can affect our lake and why there are no simple answers to it's containment. They answered all member concerns about the 2017 outbreak and as the board has previously advised, there are a few important take-aways from their presentation;

a)  If you see scum - people and pets should stay out of the lake where the scum is present. Toxins are not typically found in water too far away from the scum area and therefore those lake areas are presumed safe in most cases. 

b)  Members can bottle samples of any scum near their shore areas (in clean bottles), and contact the DEQ directly to request testing.  You want to skim the TOP of the scum... the worst looking stuff for sampling.  The samples must be refrigerated immediately after bottling and if the DEQ representative can not be available for at least 24 hours, keep the sample in a freezer until picked up.

c)  Alternately, members can purchase their own test strips.  These strips are the same that the MDEQ uses and can be ordered online here.


Microcystins, 0-10(20) ppb, Recreational Water with QuikLyseTM Feature
PN 520023 (5T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS EPA ETV Verification IL Program ’13 Beach Monitoring (5 test strips)
PN 520022 (20T) User Guide Flow Chart SDS EPA ETV Verification IL Program ’13 Beach Monitoring (same thing, 20 test strips)

d) Phosphates are not the only issue or even the main issue in most cases.  Although the LEPOA board recommends and will continue to recommend that non-phosphorus fertilizers be used by all Loch Erin property owners, there are many factors that influence how severely an algae outbreak may be.

e) Copper Sulfate treatments are basically the only successful and affordable means to treat the algae although other methods are being researched. Unfortunately, these treatments do not always provide the expected results as we saw last year.

f) There is no immediate danger to our lake, our property values or the health of our property owners and pets assuming we all understand and practice the common sense advice provided by Gary and Rachel.  We live on a lake.  This is a natural and expected consequence of lake living.

Any member willing to sample the Algae along their shoreline through the 2018 season is asked to follow the sampling guidelines above and contact the DEQ Representatives directly when the samples are ready. It is the goal of both the DEQ and the LEPOA Board to work together to keep our lake clean and healthy.  Your participation is required and greatly appreciated.

In response to a couple of the questions that came up during the meeting, Rachel put together a quick map of the Wolf Creek sub-watershed for us.  The map is a bit technical, but she wanted to include it in case any of us were interested in the source of this map: HUC 12 stands for Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 12 digit, which is the smallest watershed delineation available from the United States Geological Survey. The map  shows the Wolf Creek Sub-watershed which includes drainage to Loch Erin, but (and you’ll see this very clearly in the map) it also shows the overall drainage down to Lake Adrian. This isn’t exactly the map that people were requesting during the meeting, but it is her hope that it does help to show the primary surface water drainage area that enters Loch Erin. The area of the Wolf Creek Sub-watershed is 36,555 acres (57.1 square miles), with water flowing in a south easterly direction towards Lake Adrian.

She estimates that only about a fifth or so of the drainage area in the watershed drains to Loch Erin, the rest of the drainage area shown on the map drains downstream.  She also provided a quick legend for the map;
Bold blue lines: Wolf Creek (HUC 12) Sub-watershed outline,
Light green lines: Surface Water including streams, creeks and rivers,
Bold green lines: Open County Drains,
Red lines: County Tiled Drains

Rachel's contact info:  Rachel Burns, BurnsR6@michigan.gov, Environmental Quality Analyst,Jackson District Office,Water Resources Division,Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,Cell Phone: (517) 416-4073 

Gary's Contact Info:
Gary Kohlhepp, Harmful Algae Group, Lansing Michigan  Phone: 
517-284-5540, Email: KOHLHEPPG@michigan.gov


From the desk of Jodi Lewandowski.....               

All property owners are required to include a valid registration copy annually with your dues payment by May 1st.  2018 Stickers for watercraft (or vehicles that use our parks), will not be issued to anyone that does not include this information with their payment. Launching will be denied to anyone not able to meet these requirements.

For our off water members click here for the 2018 Dock Lease Agreement and Instructions . The rules are a little different in 2018 so please review the 2018 Check List  as it contains important information. Annual requests for dock space must be postmarked after January 1st.  If your agreement does not meet all the Check List requirements the package will be returned to you and your request delayed.  LEPOA does not collect any sub-association dues. If you live in Gilgal Pointe or Irish Mist your subdivision dues must also be paid before your request will be processed. The 2018 watercraft and vehicle sticker are available now.  You may pay your annual dues and receive your stickers any time between January 2nd and May 1st each year.



If you have not already realized it, your LEPOA EXECUTIVE BOARD IS A VOLUNTEER WORKING BOARD.  All officers are required to Chair a Committee and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of our community. Community volunteers are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit our property owners. Please consider offering to assist when you can. Going forward and in addition to the Goose Round up and Fireworks activities that always require a few extra hands, you will also be seeing improvement projects on the lake, throughout our parks and entranceway, to specific activities or facilities, that could be made easier sometimes if the burden is shared.  Below is a list of board and/or committee members and their contact information that would be happy to hear you say "how  can  I help".

                                                                     2018 Board Members                           
                                                 Tom Kanable - President - thkanable@aol.com

               Christian Malcolm - Vice President/Chairman Fish/Water - christian.c.malcolm@gmail.com
                                             Lee Prettymen - Treasurer -
                       Bob Jacobs - Buildings Committee and Fireworks - skier8223@hotmail.com
                         Joe Richard - Parks Chairman and Bylaws Review -richarj@attglobal.net

                                 Rod Kurowski - Co-Chairman Parks -  rkurow@hotmail.com
                         Phil Kittredge - Co-Chairman Water Quality - philipkittredge@comcast.net

                                                                      2018 Committees
                     Don Deneweth - Co-Chairman Buildings Committee - dondeneweth@yahoo.com
                 Eric Cullum - Chairman Compliance Program Administration - dsgtcullum@yahoo.com


Photo Credits:  Volunteer Malonie Howe of Five Starr Photography has provided many of the photos on this website and is officially our Loch Erin website photographer.  Please thank her by visiting and liking her facebook page!