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Reminder that our Association dues are accepted each year beginning in January and up to the due date of May 1st to be considered on time.  If you have not yet sent in your payment, you are now over 30 days past due and no longer a member in good standing. Per the Association By-laws and Policies, Members not in good standing for 30-90 days are not eligible to participate in any association benefits (including park, lake, launch, dock lease and website privledges) until their dues are paid in full.  After 90 days, a lien will also be placed upon your property and the associated costs will be added to your overdue balance. Paying your dues on time saves unnecessary administrative time and money that gets charged to all members.  Your cooperation in keeping those costs as low as possible is greatly appreciated.

►  ALERT - NEXTDOOR.COM has recently targeted several of our neighborhoods. - Many members have  received mass mailings or emailings from Nextdoor.com inviting you to join their Onsted website and implying that you are being invited by another LEPOA member.  After investigating the mailings and where they are coming from, the Board is comfortable issuing the following information:  1) NO member contact information has been breached via the LEPOA Office or Website.   2) Numerous complaints on this company have been reported by Loch Erin Members, the Better Business Bureau and other agencies. To review the BBB complaints and/or file your own complaint CLICK HERE.  You can also contact our local BBB via the information provided on this page to address any additional questions. 3) the Board does not recommend joining or providing your contact information without conducting your own due diligence. 

►THURSDAY, July 4th 2019 Annual Fireworks Event with rain date of FRIDAY, July5th.  Please note change from previously reported dates.
►MONDAY, July 8th, 7:PM @ Cambridge Township Offices M-50 and Onsted Hwy next LEPOA Monthly Meeting.

LEPOA President Tom Kanable ......

Spring has finally arrived here on our lake.  Put the shovel away and get out the umbrellas! As usual, your Board is already in full swing. The rental docks are in, porta-potties await your use, mowing of the parks and common areas has started, water sampling has begun, boating activity is increasing, security attendants are assisting members lining up to pay dues, issue stickers and launch their watercraft at Leprechaun Park, and the ski course and island markers are in place.

As you can tell, it’s one of our busiest times of the year and while there is always plenty more to do, we could never accomplish even this much without the dedicated members of the board and the tried and true volunteers that come out year after year to help get our summer on Loch Erin off to a roaring start. Thanks to all of you!

Also thanks to everyone who came out to our Annual Meeting in May at the Onsted High School and who participated in our elections this year.  The existing board was re-elected for another term, and the dues increase from $125.00 to $175.00 was passed and will take effect in 2020.  Details about the meeting can be found under the Minutes and Newsletters Link.

Keeping this short and sweet…let me just remind everyone that Summer and lake activities are why we are all living here. Lets’ be responsible with our boating. Yes, it’s a large lake, but please be aware we share the water with swimmers, skiers, kayakers and fishermen and the lake rules (which can also be f
ound under the Minutes and Newsletters link) are intended to keep us all SAFE.  Also remember our members are our neighbors.  Try to know them, speak to them and respect them always.  See ya on the Lake......

Need Help from the Board?
If you need assistance from the board with a complaint, issue, concern or suspected violation of our Bylaws, neighborhood rules or building restrictions, please do not use the "contact us" form.  Instead, complete the
Property Owners Request for Assistance form and mail or email to The Compliance Committee Administrator, Eric Cullum at dsgtcullum@yahoo.com. The mailing address for Eric is P.O. Box 302 Onsted, MI 49265. You may attach any additional information to the form however this form MUST accompany your request to the Board.  Incomplete, Anonymous or Missing forms will not be addressed.   

2019 Goose Round Up! 

It's 7:am on a Thursday morning.  It's a little chilly for a lake day in June, at times it was also a bit wet, but despite the less than ideal conditions this season, the Goose Round Volunteers up herded in 14 adult birds and 31 babies.  Earlier in the spring 40 nests and 88 eggs were gathered and destroyed. Thanks to all who particpated this year and  in past years to help manage and reduce the Goose population on our lake. And a very special thanks to Paul Ganz who provided the Jazzy Round Up T-shirts!


Once again, THANKS TO MARK RIGGLE and the Riggle Team, Suzie Creech and Penny Norieka!  Again this year Loch Erin members were treated to a variety of yummy refreshments and 3 Lucky Loch Erin Members walked away with some extraordinary and fabulous door prizes!  If you didn't already know,  Mark has 30 years of experience and enjoys working with both buyers and sellers. He's been the recipient of numerous rewards including the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award and the #1 Realtor in Southern Michigan. He has also been the #1 Realtor in both Jackson and Lenawee counties for over 10 years and is a Member of our Loch Erin Community assisting many of our Loch Erin Residents buy or sell their home. Contact Mark at 517.206.4474 or by email at MarkRiggle@BuyAtTheLake.com

Team Realtor
517-529-4414 | Suzie@SuzieCreech.com  Suzie is passionate about her profession, and that passion shines through in a strong dedication to her clients and their best interests in every sale. She is proud to call Clark Lake her home for over thirteen years. She loves the Irish Hills area, and all that it has to offer, including golf, boating, and biking. Suzie was formerly a project manager for a local telephone company, which gave her valuable knowledge of the area, organizational and negotiating skills; all valuable assets to her real estate career. She has been a member of the RE/MAX 100 Percent Club for three years and is on the Board of Directors for the Children Miracle Network, a cause very dear to her heart. She prides herself on being trustworthy and dependable, and happy to call many of her clients friends after years of being their trusted Realtor. Something you might be surprised to know about Suzie: She worked as a project manager for a local telephone company for 29 years.

Team Realtor
517-740-2008 | PennyNoreika@BuyAtTheLake.com Penny is a lifelong resident of Brooklyn and the Irish Hills area, which has allowed her to build life-long relationships. She feels rewarded by helping buyers and sellers in the different stages of their lives, whether it is buying their first home or finding that perfect lakefront property. As a licensed Realtor, Penny shows property, negotiates purchase agreements and coordinates with The Riggle Team to close a record number of properties. Penny has been with Mark for over 10 years but has over 20 years of real estate experience.  When Penny is not with a client, she enjoys spending time with her husband of almost 30 years and their two grown children.  Penny loves traveling, swimming and spending time at the lake.  Something you might be surprised to know about Penny is that she served in the Air Force Reserve.


From the desk of Jodi Lewandowski.....              

A Few docks are still available for the 2019 Season.  If you are interested please email me at locherinproperty@gmail.com. The Dock Lease Process begins in January each year.  Please refer to the Dock Lease Agreement link to the left for addtional information if you are considering leasing one the remaining docks or for space in 2020. 

LEPOA Annual Dues are $175.00 Per Lot Owned beginning in 2020Our Association dues are accepted each year beginning in January and up to the due date of May 1st to be considered on time.  Members not meeting the May 1st deadline by June 1st and are over 30 days past due are no longer a member in good standing. Per the Association By-laws and Policies, Members not in good standing for 30-90 days are not eligible to participate in any association benefits (including park, lake, launch, dock lease and website privledges) until their dues are paid in full.  After 90 days, a lien will also be placed upon your property and the associated costs will be added to your overdue balance. Paying your dues on time saves unnecessary administrative time and money that gets charged to all members.  Your cooperation in keeping those costs as low as possible is greatly appreciated.

Annual watercraft Stickers are required by all members using the lake.  Vehicle stickers are required by all members using our parks.
To receive either sticker you must pay all dues and provide a valid watercraft and/or vehicle registration copy every year.  No stickers will be issued without a valid copy of your registration(s). Watercraft or vehicles without a vailid sticker will be denied launching and may be ticketed or towed. 

Welcome New Members!  If you're new to the Loch Erin Community, please take a moment to contact the office with your updated property information.  You can call or email me at 517-467-4834 or locherinproperty@gmail.com. Please include the homeowners legal name, contact number, mailing address, property address and email. Also any watercraft or vehicle registration information that may be required.  We also encourage all members to join this website to receive access to community updates, water quality information and important announcements.  Be active!  Attend the monthly board meetings, connect with your neighbors in the forum and engage in our lake community!!

Loch Erin offers members the option of a longer larger FIREWORKS SHOW!!   In past years many members have asked if they could donate to our annual fireworks display to make it bigger and even better than it already is. In 2018, the board voted to accept donations to the budgeted amount from any member wishing to do so.  If you'd like to make a donation you may include it with your annual dues or forward it at any time before May 1st for the current years show.  To keep our records accurate, when donating please indicate the 2019 or 2020 Fireworks Event and the exact dollar amount of your donation.  I can not Thank You enough for your attention to detail!  The Fireworks event this year will be celebrated on Thursday July 4th, Rain Date Friday, July 5th!  


The lake is patrolled by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Marine Division and the DNR. Report Violations and dangerous situations to them directly at 517-263-0524 for the Sheriff and 1-800-292-7800 for the DNR.  These are not LEPOA matters but your Board is working closely with these agencies to address these matters.

►Suspected Poaching on our lake should also be reported directly to the DNR at 1-800-292-7800.  You can also call DNR Officer Andy Monnich at 517-648-5847. If you can not immediately report illegal fishing or activity of any kind, taking a picture of either the MC# or Vehicle License Plate will greatly assist the officers and reduce the instance of this activity in our community. 

►Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in our residential community is 25 MPH. 

►Watercraft and Parking Stickers are required on all watercraft using the lake and all vehicles parked in any of our Parks.  The Cambridge Township Police are increasing patrols and enforcing our Sticker Program.  Loch Erin Watercraft stickers should be placed next to your MC#, vehicles stickers on the driver’s side windshield where they can be easily viewed by passing patrols.  Non-members using our facilities should be immediately reported to the Police at 517-467-4737.

►ORV's (including) Golf Carts are prohibited in our community.  This means they are not allowed to be operated on any LEPOA roadway, path, park or common area without exception. LEPOA Stickers will not be issued for any ORV.  Violators should be reported to the Cambridge Township Police at 517-467-4737.  This is not a LEPOA matter.  It’s a township law and citations may be issued.

Dogs must be leashed at all times and members are expected to clean up after their animals. Waste is not to be left in parks or common areas nor placed in port-a-potties.

Report unleased dogs, parking, park or park facility violations to the Cambridge Twsp. Police Dept  517-467-4737. Phone pictures or video of violators are helpful when reporting such issues.

DEQ Permits are required for any shoreline improvements.  Permit Info can be found

Hunting is never permitted on the 40 acres or any Association Park or Island.  

Members with Guests enjoying the use of our lake or community facilities must accompany guests at all times.


Bob Jacobs Building Restrictions Committee Chairman....

Hi. I'm Bob Jacobs and I am Chairman of the Loch Erin Building Committee. My Committee is responsible for insuring that our community members are in compliance with all required permits and document restrictions when thinking of building or improving upon a property located within our community.  

The Loch Erin Community was developed in phases over many years.  As a result, there are 10 individual subdivisions that surround our Lake and they all have very specific rules and restrictions to that neighborhood. This is in addition to the Loch Erin General Bylaws, Lake Rules and any Township, County or DNR/DEQ Rules and restrictions.  Whether you are a current property owner, looking to own property or build on property you already own, or a Realtor showing a home or property in our community it is important for you to identify your neighborhood and thoroughly read through these documents before starting your project or purchasing a lot or home.

If you are new to our community, or thinking of purchasing a lot or home in an HOA community, it can be helpful to read and understand 
"Six Reasons to Read your HOA documents BEFORE you purchase".  Many of the issues included in this article mimic some of the situations you will encounter in our General Bylaws and Neighborhood Restrictions.

Because our development is split between two townships it is also suggested that you determine which township (
Cambridge or Franklin) governs the home or property that you are interested in to insure that the township ordinance/restrictions also meet your goals.

This information is provided for you in an effort to eliminate the "surprises" that sometimes accompany moving into a new area.  Please also visit the 
"Building Restrictions" page for Committee Contacts and more detailed information about the process. 


If you have not already realized it, your LEPOA EXECUTIVE BOARD IS A VOLUNTEER WORKING BOARD.  All officers are required to Chair a Committee and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of our community. Community volunteers are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit our property owners. Please consider offering to assist when you can. Going forward and in addition to the Goose Round up and Fireworks activities that always require a few extra hands, you will also be seeing improvement projects on the lake, throughout our parks and entranceway, to specific activities or facilities, that could be made easier sometimes if the burden is shared.  Below is a list of board and/or committee members and their contact information that would be happy to hear you say "how  can  I help".

2018-2019 Board Members                           
                                                 Tom Kanable - President - thkanable@aol.com

               Christian Malcolm - Vice President/Chairman Fish/Water - christian.c.malcolm@gmail.com
                                             Lee Prettymen - Treasurer -
                       Bob Jacobs - Buildings Committee and Fireworks - skier8223@hotmail.com
                         Joe Richard - Parks Chairman and Bylaws Review -richarj@attglobal.net

                                 Rod Kurowski - Co-Chairman Parks -  rkurow@hotmail.com
                         Phil Kittredge - Co-Chairman Water Quality - philipkittredge@comcast.net

2018-2019 Committees
                     Don Deneweth - Co-Chairman Buildings Committee - dondeneweth@yahoo.com
                 Eric Cullum - Chairman Compliance Program Administration - dsgtcullum@yahoo.com


Photo Credits:  Volunteer Malonie Howe of Five Starr Photography has provided many of the photos on this website and is officially our Loch Erin website photographer.  Please thank her by visiting and liking her facebook page