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►Cambridge Township approved a motion at their December 13, 2017 meeting that provides all Residents 60 years of age or older, an extention until February 28th, 2018 to pay their winter tax bill without penalty at the township offices.

►If you haven't yet completed the Property Owner Survey, please do so by March 1st.  Your thoughts and comments are important as the board shapes it's priorities for the 2018 season. The results of the survey and the Committee recommendations to the board will be presented at the March 12th regular Monday night meeting of the LEPOA Board.  All property owners are encouraged to attend.

►The 2018 Loch Erin Fireworks will be held the Saturday before the holiday (June 30th) with a rain date of the Saturday after the Holiday (July 7th)

►The Annual Loch Erin Community Garage Sale will be held on Friday, June 8th and Saturday, June 9th 2018. 

                                                 A Minute with President Mike Eberly ...... 

A few seasonal reminders:
► Hunting is NOT permitted on any Association Park or Island.  Anyone hunting must be 450 feet from any residence and abide by the Michigan Hunting Laws. Fishing and hunting License required.
►Members who invite guests to hunt, fish, ice fish, or enjoy the use of our private lake or community facilities MUST ACCOMPANY THEIR GUESTS AT ALL TIMES.
►Current copies of your registrations are required to be submitted EVERY YEAR with your Association Dues Payment. No watercraft or vehicle stickers will be issued without this information. In order to insure the timely distribution of 2018 Stickers, please insure that your Annual dues are paid BY MAY 1ST, 2018.
►Winter activities on Loch Erin are always at your own risk.  Please observe the weather and ice conditions and use caution at all times.
►Concern continues regarding tresspassers and poachers in our community. These issues involve all Loch Erin residents.  If you are a resident that uses our parks during the winter make sure your 2017 vehicle sticker is displayed in a corner of the driver side windshield.  Stickers are for residents only. Stickers that do not match the vehicle or do not have a registration on file may be fined or towed by Cambridge Township. 

Poachers should be reported to the DNR. The telephone number is 1-800-292-7800. If you can't immediately call the DNR to report illegal fishing, taking a picture of either the MC# or a Vehicle plate# would greatly help the officers reduce the instance of this activity in our community.   If you must leave a message when calling, please include any MC or Vehicle# information if available.

And finally, a very short but important
Property Owner Survey has recently been posted.  While the issues addressed in the survey are not the only or even the most important,  they are common issues that the Board will be considering in 2018.  The survey is open to all Property Owners.  Please take a few minutes over the next several weeks and let us know your thoughts. 

From the desk of Jodi Lewandowski.....  

Before your boats went into storage this fall, I hope everyone remembered to take a picture copy of any watercraft registrations that do not expire before May 1, 2018. All property owners are required to include a valid registration copy annually with your dues payment on May 1st.  2018 Stickers for watercraft (or vehicles that use our parks), will not be issued to anyone that does not include this information with their payment. Launching will be denied to anyone not able to meet these requirements. Registrations that expire mid-season will be allowed to launch in May but you will remain responsible to update your registration with our office when it renews.

For our off water members,
2018 Dock Lease Agreement and Instructions are ready. The rules are a little different  so please review the 2018 Check List  as it contains important information for next season.  All requests for dock space must be postmarked after January 1st.  If your agreement does not meet all the Check List requirements the package will be returned to you and your request delayed.  LEPOA does not collect any sub-association dues. If you live in Gilgal Pointe or Irish Mist your subdivision dues should be paid by the end of December if you want to avoid any delays in processing your lease request.

The 2018 watercraft and vehicle sticker distribution program is currently being updated.  The watercraft and vehicle sticker program helps keep our Members Only lake, parks and facilities private. In 2018 if you are parking in any LEPOA park your vehicle is required to be stickered. Your cooperation is needed to make this program work optimally. Watercraft or vehicles using our lake, parks or facilities without displaying a sticker next year may be fined or towed by Lenawee County, Cambridge Township or the DNR.  More news about this program and the 2018 sticker distribution process will follow in the months ahead.  It will also be on the May Annual Meeting Agenda so please plan to attend the 2nd Sunday of May 2018.

Watercraft or Water use violations
          Lenawee County Sheriff  517-263-0524
Unleashed dogs, Parking, Park or facility use Violations
          Cambridge Township Police Dept.  517-467-4737
Illegal Fishing, hunting or poaching
          DNR 1-800-292-7800  Or DEQ - Andy Monnich  517-610-1370 or 517-648-5847

Bob Jacobs Building Restrictions Committee Chairman....

Hi. I'm Bob Jacobs, your friendly Loch Erin Building Restrictions Chairman. As Bob the Builder, I am responsible for insuring that our community members are in compliance with all required permits and document restrictions when thinking of building or improving upon a property located within our community.  With 10 different subdivision documents, two townships and the Loch Erin Bylaws to consider that's ALOT of COMPLIANCE to get through!! Consideration is also given to insure that all construction and improvements embrace the "private, exclusively residential only use", intent of our lake community. Therefore property owners contemplating even the smallest home or property construction or improvement projects should always start by reviewing our Loch Erin By-Laws AND the specific restrictions for your neighborhood. Knowing which township your home or property is located in is also mandatory as both Franklin and Cambridge Township permits will need to be involved in the construction of any new home and in most home improvement projects.  

So let's start at the beginning!  Where do you live?  Our community has 10 different sub-divisions and each of them have their own set of Restriction documents.  If you don't know which sub-division your home or property is located in, a quick call to the office or an email to locherinproperty@gmail.com can help you figure that out. 

With that information in hand, you can now visit the "Building Restrictions" page of our website and download both your neighborhood rules and the more General Loch Erin By-laws. It is important that you read both these documents carefully BEFORE you plan your project.  Compliance approvals are required from both the township in which your property is located  (either Cambridge or Franklin) and from the Loch Erin Building Committee before any work can start. Your next step in the process is to complete the Loch Erin Building Information form (Found Here) and  submit the form and  2 sets of project plans making sure that your project plans include a property site plan that indicates all set backs. This is the same information that you will be required to submit to the township. (If your property is located in Gilgal Pointe, Irish Mist or Stonehedge you must submit 3, not 2 sets of plans as approval from a Board Member of those neighborhood associations is also required). Your plans are then reviewed by the Loch Erin Building Committee and if found to be in compliance, we will date stamp and sign off forwarding the 2nd set to the township on your behalf (and if necessary the 3rd set to the Gilgal, Irish Mist or Stonehedge association board).  Once the township provides their approval your project can begin to move forward keeping in mind however, that ALL changes or alterations to the approved plan from this point forward are required to be re-submitted to the Loch Erin Building Committee Chairman and approved before any changes to the original plan can continue moving forward. It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway.  No construction or property improvement plans will be approved by the Loch Erin Building Committee if your Association Dues are in arrears.  It's also important to recognize that the information provided on the building restrictions page is to assist us and you to move smoothly through the construction approval and permitting process. There is little we can do to assist you before you submit your completed form and project plans.  All documents and forms are downloadable for your convenience.

End of the Season Algae Update..... 
At the October 9th meeting, The LEPOA Board approved a motion supporting the recommendation that all residents stop fertilizing their lawns with the harmful chemicals that are potentially contributing to the Algae we experienced this past season.  It is important to understand however, that lawn fertilizers are not the ONLY contributing factor and may actually be only a minor factor when compared to all circumstances surrounding last seasons outbreak.  It is also true that the outbreak involved many lakes in Michigan, not just ours, which seems to validiate the multi-cause scenario.  The board takes this issue and it's responsibility to protect the lake and our community very seriously.  We will continue thoughout the winter season to test, identify and find solutions.  We appreciate your interest and patience as we seek the most effective way (or combination of ways) to avoid the situation next summer.  Your concerns mimic our own as we continue to work with the experts and others to develop a course of action.  Please plan to attend the Annual Meeting in May 2018 where we expect to provide additional information on this issue.


If you have not already realized it, your LEPOA EXECUTIVE BOARD IS A VOLUNTEER WORKING BOARD.  All officers are required to Chair a Committee and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of our community. Community volunteers are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit our property owners. Please consider offering to assist when you can. Going forward and in addition to the Goose Round up and Fireworks activities that always require a few extra hands, you will also be seeing improvement projects on the lake, throughout our parks and entranceway, to specific activities or facilities, that could be made easier sometimes if the burden is shared.  Below is a list of board and/or committee members and their contact information that would be happy to hear you say "how can I help"??

Bob Jacobs - Buildings Committee and Fireworks - skier8223@hotmail.com
Tom Kanable - Parks, Entryway - thkanable@aol.com
Terry Michaels - Fish and Wildlife - terrymichaels@hotmail.com
Joe Richard - Bylaws Review -richarj@attglobal.net
Christian Malcolm - Water Quality - christian.c.malcolm@gmail.com

Photo Credits:  Volunteer Malonie Howe of Five Starr Photography has provided many of the photos on this website and is officially our Loch Erin website photographer.  Please thank her by visiting and liking her facebook page!