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Per Board Member and Water Quality Chairman Phil Kittredge:  A free webinar is available to any Loch Erin Member to join the MLSA60 Virtual Conference on Friday, April 30, 2021.  For additional information and registration please visit MLSA event page to register.

► ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS:  THE LAUNCH RAMP WILL BE CLOSED NEXT WEEK FROM TUESDAY APRIL 20TH THROUGH FRIDAY APRIL 23RD FOR THE ELECTRICAL TRENCH WORK ACROSS THE DRIVE.  This is preliminary work to ready the site for electrical work that will come later.  Work will periodically be a short term inconvenience to our members this spring as the project progresses to completion.  Please watch your emails and notifications for important updates or closures and schedule or re-schedule your watercraft deliveries as may be necessary.   Gate cards will NOT be required or issued until the project is fully functional.  Updates will be released as soon as they become available.  Please don't call the office for this information.

NEXT BOARD MEETING WILL BE THE 2021 ANNUAL MEETING Sunday May 16th at 2:pm. It is expected that this meeting will be a ZOOM meeting based on the latest restrictions from the State.  Additional details to follow.

►  NEW THIS SPRING:  The board is pleased to announce that a security gate will be installed at the launch park this spring. The gate will help keep our lake private and will only be able to be accessed with a key card . In order to get key cards out in a timely manner please fill out this form  and mail it to PO Box 302, Onsted MI 49265. Only ONE card will be issued per family. Cards will only be issued to members whose dues are paid in full and in good standing. Please mail in your payments WITH this agreement if not done so already to ensure key cards get to you before you put your boat in the water. If you have any questions please email Jordin at locherinproperty@gmail.com

►  NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS:  The board has contactracted with American Towing in an effort to limit tresspassing in our parks and parking lots.  If your vehicle is parked in a Loch Erin park without a LEPOA vehicle sticker your vehicle will be towed at the owners expense.  Members without valid 2021 vehicle stickers  should contact Jordin at locherinproperty@gmail.com.

►  Reminder:  Members wishing to be nominated for a 2021-2022 LEPOA Board seat were required to submit their information to Jordin by (February 14, 2021) in order to be published in the official ballot delivered in the Spring Newsletter. 

Any LEPOA member in good standing may run for a LEPOA board position. Just submit your name, address, lot number, phone number and a brief message about yourself, enclose a check for your 2021 dues and send the information and payment to Jordin by April 30th, 2021 in order to be considered for a 2021-2022 board seat.  Annual Meeting information and Ballots are included in the Spring Newsletter. Members wishing to be included on the Official Ballot as a nominee MUST SUBMIT THEIR INFORMATION BY THE PRINTING DEADLINE OF FEBRUARY 14TH, 2021.  After February 14th, additional nominees will appear as "write-in candidates only" on the ballot sheet.  Click (here) to access the Spring 2021 Newsletter, download the 2021 ballot and cast your vote. 

► NOTICE OF LEINS FILED:   MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT YET PAID THEIR ANNUAL LEPOA OR SUB-ASSOCIATION DUES -  If your name is on THIS LIST  a lien for the amount owed plus any additional/accumulated fines and administrative fees has been placed against your property. 

President’s Message – Spring 2021

Happy Spring! The weather appears to be turning and I would like to remind everyone of two topics that may come up in 2021.

With the impending ice melt, we anticipate a more normal annual spring fish kill. Last year an unusual quantity of dead fish surfaced, but were primarily Gizzard Shad, an undesirable fish not native to northern waters. They apparently survived 1 winter but did not survive the colder conditions of the 2019 – 2020 winter. With most of the gizzard shad gone, we should see a more typical number of dead fish, predominately Black Crappie that are known to struggle with temperature change. Lakefront owners will want to dispose of or bury the fish on their own. Waste Management has indicated they are not interested in a centralized dead fish pickup service for us.

Park Towing Program

It was announced multiple times last fall that nonresident vehicles would be removed from our private park access points and that signs would be posted providing contact information for the towing company.  This announcement seemed to have the desired impact this winter and several nonresidents were successfully encouraged to leave our private parks with minimal incidents. The tow truck personnel made their presence known and allowed time for owners to arrive before hooking up. However, it was discovered that many residents had not requested stickers or had not properly installed them on their windshields. 

Several noresident ice fishermen reported they had been told by residents it was permissible to park and fish. These parks were created primarily as access points for our non-lakefront residents. Please recall our by-laws require all non-residents to be always accompanied by an association member when enjoying our community. Also, only resident vehicles with a properly displayed current parking sticker are permissible in the parks. Another observed practice certainly not in the spirit of our community is to inform nonresidents they can “unload” in a park, and move their vehicle to a resident’s property, and enjoy the lake without a resident to accompany them. Non-compliance with these requirements makes it harder for the association to provide the quiet, private community we have come to expect. Enjoy the warmer weather!

Christian Malcolm

A few reminders:

► Remember that all lake rules apply, regardless of the season. Accessing the lake from our parks, and use of the parks, is reserved for Loch Erin residents. Guests or visitors who aren’t accompanied by a resident are trespassing, and if parked in one of our parks, could be towed. Please be safe (and respectful) when on the lake.

► We’re always looking for volunteers to help with various tasks throughout the year. If you’re interested in contributing some time to our community, please reach out.

From the Desk of Compliance Chairman Eric Cullum:  If you need assistance from the board with a complaint, issue, concern or suspected violation of our bylaws, neighborhood rules or building restrictions, please download & fully complete the Property Owners Request for Assistance form and mail or email to me at dsgtcullum@yahoo.com.   You may attach any additional information, pictures or video to the form or email however this form MUST accompany your request in order to initiate the investigation process.  Incomplete, Anonymous or Missing forms will not be addressed.   You are encouraged to address your issue with your neighbor before submitting the form.  If this is not possible, and you check NO on the RFA form, please be aware that at the discretion of the Compliance Officer your request may not be addressed by the board until you do.

2020/2021 LEPOA Board Members/Committees:
Christian Malcolm, President - Fish and Wildlife
Rod Kurowski, Vice President -Parks
Lee Prettymen, Treasurer
Phil Kittredge, Trustee- Water Quality
Eric Cullum, Trustee- Compliance
Joe Richard, Trustee- Parks

Not yet a member of our private website?:  Please email our webmaster at kakanable@aol.com and request an invitation to join.  Any LEPOA member in good standing may join. A private link to join will be included in the invitation.  Just complete the short profile and email verification process. 

Upcoming 2021 Events:  For those members already in the planning stages for the 2021 Boating season, the following events and dates have recently been confirmed:

LEPOA ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION Sunday, May 17th at the Cambridge Township Offices
LEPOA FIREWORKS DISPLAY is being scheduled for Sunday, July 4th with a raindate of Monday, July 5th.
ANNUAL GARAGE SALE will not be in June this year.  Instead it has been rescheduled to Friday/Saturday.  August 20th and 21st.
MEMORIAL DAY PONTOON PARADE Again this year, it is anticipated that the Hagans will try to organize an even bigger and better Pontoon Parade over this holiday.  Details to follow. 

Stay tuned for additional details on all Loch Erin Summer activities.


From the desk of Board Secretary Jordin Stark.....           

Dock Lease Program -  If you are interested in securing dock space at one of our Association Parks and are not a current member of our website, email me at locherinproperty@gmail.com. The Dock Lease process begins January 2nd and the 2021 Dock Lease link to the left has all the information and forms that you will need to submit a lease request package in 2021.  Please note, spaces 8, 9 and 10 are no longer available on theTipperary Park Bridge map.  Also please do not submit "same space as last year" in the space preference section as that may cause your package to be returned.  

Annual Dues are $175.00 Per Lot Owned..  Dues are accepted each year beginning in January and up to the due date of May 1st to be considered on time.  Members not meeting the May 1st deadline by June 1st are over 30 days past due and no longer a member in good standing. Per the Association By-laws and Policies, Members not in good standing for 30-90 days are not eligible to participate in any association benefits (including parks, lake, launch, dock lease and website privledges) until their dues are paid in full.  After 90 days, a lien will be placed on your property and the associated costs will be added to your overdue balance.  Please be aware of these policies. Paying your dues on time saves unnecessary administrative time and money that gets charged to all members.  Your cooperation in keeping those costs as low as possible are greatly appreciated.


Annual Stickers:  Annual watercraft Stickers are required by all members using the lake.  Vehicle stickers are required by all members using our parks. To receive either sticker you must pay all dues and provide a valid watercraft and/or vehicle registration copy every year. No stickers will be issued without a valid copy of your registration(s). Watercraft or vehicles without a vailid sticker will be denied launching and may be ticketed or towed. Vehicle stickers are not issued or valid on any ORV including golf carts which are illegal on all LEPOA roads or in our Parks. 

Annual Fireworks Show: Loch Erin offers members the option of a longer larger Fireworks show.  In past years many members have asked if they could donate to our annual fireworks display to make it bigger and even better than it already is. In 2018, the board voted to accept donations to the budgeted amount from any member wishing to do so.  If you'd like to make a donation you may include it with your annual dues or forward it to me at anytime before May 1st for the current years show.  To keep our records accurate, when donating please indicate the 2021 Fireworks Event and the exact dollar amount of your donation.


The lake is patrolled by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Marine Division and the DNR. Report Violations and dangerous situations to them directly at 517-263-0524 for the Sheriff and 1-800-292-7800 for the DNR.  These are not LEPOA matters but your Board works closely with these agencies to address the issues associated with any violation or abuse of our lake rules.  Pictures or video are often helpful in identifying and prosecuting violations.

Traffic around the lake is counter-clockwise and the 100 ft. NO  WAKE rule is observed around the entire shoreline regardless of whether it is posted or not.  The State of Michigan defines NO WAKE as the slowest speed possible as to not create a wake within a 100'ft of any shoreline (including the islands), dock or swimming area, other watercraft, or persons fishing, swimming, skiing, kayaking or engaged in any other lawful activity on the lake.  The County Sheriff, DNR Officer or Cambridge Township officers can cite persons violating these very important safety rules.  Please contact them directly (with pictures or video) if you witness such activity on our lake.

Members with Guests enjoying the use of our lake, community facilities or common areas MUST accompany guests at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule. Day passes for guest watercraft can be purchased in advance by contacting Jordin at locherinproperty@gmail.com.  New Michigan Boating Law this year prohibits all watercraft from entering any Michigan Lakes, Streams or waterwways without taking steps to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Anyone fishing with live or cut bait or practicing catch-and-release fishing must also take precautions to limit the movement of invasive species and fish diseases.  To view the new law in detail please click here.

►Speed Limits: Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on all roads in our residential community is 25 MPH. 

►Watercraft and Parking Stickers are required on all watercraft using the lake and all vehicles parked in any of our Parks.  The Cambridge Township Police are increasing patrols and enforcing our Sticker Program.  Loch Erin Watercraft stickers should be placed next to your MC#, vehicles stickers on the passanger side windshield (lower corner) where they can be easily viewed by passing patrols.  Non-members using our facilities should be immediately reported to the Township Police at 517-467-4737.  Recording the MC or License plate # is helpful when making your report.

►ORV's (including) Golf Carts are prohibited in our community.  This means they are not allowed to be operated on any LEPOA roadway, path, park or common area without exception. LEPOA Stickers will not be issued for any ORV.  Violators should be reported to the Cambridge Township Police at 517-467-4737.  This is not a LEPOA matter.  It’s a township law and citations may be issued.  If you are operating an ORV in our community or parking in any of our parks or common areas you are breaking the law and in violation of our Park Rules and Regulations which may result in the loss of your privleges as a member in good standing.

Dogs must be leashed at all times and members are expected to clean up after their animals. Waste is not to be left in parks or common areas nor placed in port-a-potties.

Report unleased dogs, parking, park facility or lake use violations to the Cambridge Twsp. Police Dept  517-467-4737. Phone pictures or video of violators are helpful when reporting such issues.

Hunting is never permitted on the 40 acres or any Association Park or Island.    

If you have not already realized it, your LEPOA EXECUTIVE BOARD IS A VOLUNTEER WORKING BOARD. All officers are required to Chair a Committee and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of our community. Community volunteers are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit our property owners. Please consider offering to assist when you can. Going forward and in addition to the Goose Round up and Fireworks activities that always require a few extra hands, you will also be seeing improvement projects on the lake, throughout our parks and entranceway, to specific activities or facilities, that could be made easier sometimes if the burden is shared.