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A Minute with President Mike Eberly ...... 

Tresspassing and poaching - There has been some concern over tresspassers and poachers in our parks and on our lake. These are issues that involve all Loch Erin residents.  If you are a resident that uses our parks please email a copy of your vehicle registration to Jodi to obtain a 2017 vehicle sticker. Stickers are for residents only and residents must accompany any guests when using our parks and lake.  

Poaching should be reported to the DNR. The telephone number is 1-800-292-7800. If you can't immediately call the DNR to report illegal fishing, taking a picture of either the MC# or a Vehicle plate# would greatly help the officers reduce the instance of this activity in our community.   If you must leave a message when calling, please include any MC or Vehicle# information if available.       


Newest LEPOA Board Member Christian Malcolm inherited the Water Quality Committee....  Christian's education and experience made him the perfect choice to take over the Water Quality Committee when the 2016 board structure shifted. The unusual weed and algae season last year may have challenged even the experts in the area but Loch Erin property owners can feel confident that Christian will continue to work to keep our lake healthy and our residents safe. Christian explains a little bit about how that is accomplished below....   

Our lake ecosystem is a complex system made up of substrate (clay bottom), lake layers (warm, mid and cold), and living things (vegetation and fish included). Maintaining the lake for our enjoyment and the fishes health is my primary concern. Weed/Algae treatments are done to try and minimize weed growth but not killing everything and throwing off the lake system. Fertilizers are one of the factors that increase weed growth in the lake. Residents need to research what they need to avoid when treating lawns. Nitrogen and Phosphorus runoff cause excess algal blooms, keep this in mind.

Algae is natural and necessary in any lake ecosystem to a point. Microinvertebrates (microscopic organisms that feed our small fish) eat algae to survive. Blue-green algae however is dangerous and needs to be reported if it becomes widespread (Florida lakes Summer 2016 are a good example). A basic google search can confirm what this looks like. Small amounts along the shoreline can be stirred up using wave action and will dissipate with wind or disturbance. Please try this before contacting the board. 

Lily pads are protected by the state and can only be treated if in front of ones boat path or beach area. Please keep this in mind when contacting the board. Residents can pull them in their own areas as they see fit. Any shoreline improvements should be done with proper DEQ permits. Rock seawalls are the preferred method.  


Tame the Tide Terry Michaels our Fish & Wildlife Connection ....
Want to know how fish are selected for our lake and why?  What does each species contribute to the health of our water?  Do they all reproduce successfully?  Terry has the answers.



Continuing this Summer on our new Basketball/Pickleball court..... 

A fast growing sport that (thanks to Loch Erin Resident Bob Jacobs) took off in our community last summer is Pickle Ball! Bob returned from Florida last Spring, saw the newly cleared basketball court area and had a vision!  He posted a call of interest on our website and immediately received enough participants to start a formal league.  In one season the interest grew to a point where residents are currently waiting 45 minutes or more to get on the court during their scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:am play times. Four of our residents were featured in a Brooklyn Exponent article where Rich Guinta and Bob both received Gold medals and Patrick Coulter and Tom Sollars were awarded Bronze medals.  Congratulations Guys!

It's fun, it's local and it's great exercise for all ages!  If you'd like to play in either the morning or evening groups please contact Bob @ skier8223@hotmail.com.  

From the Desk of Board Secretary Jodi Lewandowski .....

Dock Lease Agreements for 2017 are now available for download.  Of note: if you wish to lease at Daniels Park this season, a new dock was added last summer so please be sure to review the maps for that park as you make your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for space.

As secretary to the LEPOA Board I enjoy the opportunity to meet and speak with many of our residents. Some of the biggest issues that continue to stand out each year involve
“the rules of the lake”. These rules are posted on our website, included in our newsletters and offered as handouts by the attendants at Leprechaun Park during May and June when most of our boats are being launched. They are also included in our dock lease agreement where it is mandatory for all dock lease participants to sign off indicating that they have read and understand these rules. Unfortunately many watercraft owners refuse the handouts or simply continue to ignore the rules making it dangerous for other boaters. There were many close calls this past summer and I would therefore like to remind all residents that following these rules makes it safer and more enjoyable for all of us on the lake. Please take time to read them, share them with family and friends that are boating with you and respect them at all times.  A few that stand out as particularly in need of review are: 

Counter clockwise traffic flow. Vessels traveling at a slower speed should stay closer to the shoreline but maintain the 100ft rule.
Watercraft pulling skiers, tubers, etc. must maintain a distance, for the watercraft AND person being pulled, of 100ft from any shoreline or object.  This includes other boats.
"NO WAKE" means traveling at the lowest possible speed as to not create a wake and is enforceable whether or not a sign is posted.
►Michigan law prohibits anyone from boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, it is unlawful for the owner of a motorboat to allow anyone else to operate their motorboat if that person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Penalties for persons arrested for boating under the influence are guilty of a misdemeanor. However upon a 3rd conviction within 10 years, a person will be guilty of a felony.
Improper distance for PWCs means: not allowing 150 ft to cross behind another vessel or other PWC when traveling faster than "No Wake" speeds.
PWCs cannot be operated by those under 14 years of age. Those born after Dec.31,1978 must obtain a boater's safety license, and special restrictions/limitations apply for those 14 and 15 with a boater's license.
Those less than 12 years of age may NOT operate a boat powered by a motor of more than 35hp. Those born on or after July 1st, 1996, may operate a boat legally only if they have been issued a boating safety certificate and have it on board the boat. Those    born before July 1st, 1996 may operate a boat legally without restrictions.

In 2017 we look forward to a better and safer lake use monitoring system that encourages all property owners to participate in the solution by reporting any violations of our lake rules and usage to the appropriate authorities. Your willingness to record the MC#'s and report any boater violating the rules will go a long way to insure that our lake remains a safe and fun place for all water sports.

Bob (the Builder) Jacobs is the LEPOA Building Restrictions Committee Chairman ..... Hi. I'm Bob Jacobs, your friendly Loch Erin Building Restrictions Chairman. As Bob the Builder, I am responsible for insuring that our community members are in compliance with all required permits and document restrictions when thinking of building or improving upon a property located within our community.  With 10 different subdivision documents, two townships and the Loch Erin Bylaws to consider that's ALOT of COMPLIANCE to get through!! Consideration is also given to insure that all construction and improvements embrace the "private, exclusively residential only use", intent of our lake community. Therefore property owners contemplating even the smallest home or property construction or improvement projects should always start by reviewing our Loch Erin By-Laws AND the specific restrictions for your neighborhood. Knowing which township your home or property is located in is also mandatory as both Franklin and Cambridge Township permits will need to be involved in the construction of any new home and in most home improvement projects.  

So let's start at the beginning!  Where do you live?  Our community has 10 different sub-divisions and each of them have their own set of Restriction documents.  If you don't know which sub-division your home or property is located in, a quick call to the office or an email to locherinproperty@gmail.com can help you figure that out. 

With that information in hand, you can now visit the "BUILDING RESTRICTIONS" page of our website and download both your neighborhood rules and the more General Loch Erin By-laws. It is important that you read both these documents carefully BEFORE you plan your project.  Compliance approvals are required from both the township in which your property is located  (either Cambridge or Franklin) and from the Loch Erin Building Committee before any work can start. 

Your next step in the process is to complete the Loch Erin Building Information form (FOUND HERE) and  submit the form and  2 sets of project plans making sure that your project plans include a property site plan that indicates all set backs. This is the same information that you will be required to submit to the township. (If your property is located in Gilgal Pointe, Irish Mist or Stonehedge you must submit 3, not 2 sets of plans as approval from a Board Member of those neighborhood associations is also required). Your plans are then reviewed by the Loch Erin Building Committee and if found to be in compliance, we will date stamp and sign off forwarding the 2nd set to the township on your behalf (and if necessary the 3rd set to the Gilgal, Irish Mist or Stonehedge association board).  Once the township provides their approval your project can begin to move forward keeping in mind however, that ALL changes or alterations to the approved plan from this point forward are required to be re-submitted to the Loch Erin Building Committee Chairman and approved before any changes to the original plan can continue moving forward. It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway.  No construction or property improvement plans will be approved by the Loch Erin Building Committee if your Association Dues are in arrears.  It's also important to recognize that the information provided on the building restrictions page is to assist us and you to move smoothly through the construction approval and permitting process. There is little we can do to assist you before you submit your completed form and project plans.  All documents and forms are downloadable for your convenience.

Vice-President and Parks Committee Chairman Tom Kanable 

Spring, Summer and Fall are all very busy seasons for our Parks.  We are either preparing for the most active season on the lake, enjoying the most active season on the lake, or preparing to close down the most active season on the lake.  As such projects are in a constant state of gearing up, pushing through or winding down. It's a fun time for your Parks Committee as we get to see and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

You may have already noticed that installation of all Park Docks has been completed and the Porta-Potties are in place.  Our application and permit for the annual Goose Round up was submitted and approved in early April and the Egg and Nest Destruction phase netted a total of 36 nests and 201 eggs.  The Round Up was held on June 19th and netted another 27 adult geese. Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to assist. As always, if you have a suggestion or idea about a park or facility in our community feel free to let me know about it. 


As Chairman of the By-laws Review Committee, it’s been my responsibility to review and update our General Bylaws document.  Often in governing documents of any organization such as ours, original documents are drafted, adopted and then forgotten even as the organization (or community) grows and changes. This often results in outdated or conflicting language that can create various levels of confusion for new property owners that do not have the benefit of past practice or history.

I'm happy to announce that all changes submitted for a vote at our annual meeing May 21st, passed by a 95% margin and will now become a permanent update to our General Bylaws document.  These changes will strengthen our ability to maintain the intent of the original writers and have updated portions of the document language that was either outdated or in conflict with our neighborhood rules and restrictions documents.  Our thanks to all property owners who supported these changes.

Do you ever wonder what your $125.00 annual dues pay for?

LEPOA Treasurer Lee Prettymen has the answer!
As a Loch Erin property owner, your annual membership dues support many things.  Some things you can readily see as you drive through our community or use its Member Only facilities and services.  Most things however go on behind the scenes every day, all year long as issues are handled and plans and policies are developed and overseen by your Seven Member Elected Board of Directors (who volunteer their time on your behalf). Their jobs don’t start and end between 7-10:pm the 2nd Monday of the month.   

Here are some of the things your annual dues support:
•    Private use of Loch Erin Lake for you and your guests
•    Members Only Boat Launch Facility
•    11 -  Member Only Parks maintenance and upgrades
•    Lake, Water Quality and Weed Control and Maintenance
•    Annual Goose Round Up and Egg Destruction (Which reduces the cost of weed control)
•    Annual Fish Stocking Program
•    Member Launch and Park Facility Lake Attendants
•    Auto and Watercraft Member Sticker 
•    Subsidize dock maintenance and replacement, which allows for economical dock lease rates for back lot
•    Public Shoreline and Island Maintenance
•    Entrance and Boulevard Maintenance
•    Private Community Fireworks Display
•    Office and Support Services
•    Interactive Private Website
•    Basketball and Pickleball Court
•    Galway Park Beach Maintenance
•    Signage and parking lot maintenance (and upgrades) as necessary
•    New projects or upgrades as may be needed or proposed.
•    Seasonal Porta-potties in Parks, including one handicapped and one year round.
•    Water Ski Course Facility
•    No Wake Signs and Bouy Maintenance
•    Building code, restrictions, plan review, approval and assistance
•    Annual budget planning, filings and oversight
•    Routine Bylaw and Policy review and revisions as may be required or desired.


If you have not already realized it, your LEPOA EXECUTIVE BOARD IS A WORKING BOARD.  All officers are required to Chair a Committee and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of our community. Community volunteers are always needed to assist board and committee members with activities and projects meant to improve our community and benefit our property owners. Please consider offering to assist when you can. Going forward and in addition to the Goose Round up and Fireworks activities that always require a few extra hands, you will also be seeing improvement projects on the lake, throughout our parks and entranceway, to specific activities or facilities, that could be made easier sometimes if the burden is shared.  Below is a list of board and/or committee members and their contact information that would be happy to hear you say "how can I help"??

Bob Jacobs - Buildings Committee and Fireworks - skier8223@hotmail.com
Tom Kanable - Parks, Entryway - thkanable@aol.com
Terry Michaels - Fish and Wildlife - terrymichaels@hotmail.com
Joe Richard - Bylaws Review -richarj@attglobal.net
Christian Malcolm - Water Quality - christian.c.malcolm@gmail.com

Photo Credits:  Volunteer Malonie Howe of Five Starr Photography has provided many of the photos on this website and is officially our Loch Erin website photographer.  Please thank her by visiting and liking her facebook page